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Compilation reports provide no assurance to the user. The main uses for compiled financial statements are for the filing of corporate tax returns and for management's own internal use where no assurance is required.


Review engagements assess whether the financial statements are plausible under the circumstances, within the limits of materiality.The review approach follows Canadian generally accepted review standards, and accordingly consists primarily of discussion, enquiry and analysis. The review report provides a moderate level of assurance on the financial statements. A review report provides "negative" assurance, stating that nothing has come to my attention that would cause me to believe that the financial statements are not, in all material respects, in accordance with Canadian generally accepted accounting principles.


The purpose of an audit is to provide an objective third party opinion as to whether an organization's financial statements are fairly stated, and within the limits of materiality. The audit approach follows Canadian generally accepted assurance standards.

Corporate and Personal Income Taxes

I offer planning and preparation services for both corporate and personal taxes, as well GST returns, assistance with payroll remittances, and the preparation of employee slips such as T4's and T5's.